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Devy The Label

Devy The Label is a designer brand located in Delhi, India. Its origins trace back to 1942, when the family behind Devy, already running a successful garment export-manufacturing unit, conceived the idea of establishing a boutique providing high-quality tailoring services.

Getting bespoke clothing is an unmistakable Indian tradition, and the tailoring shop was just one of many offering this experience. Devy The Label, established in 2018, aimed to enhance this tradition by crafting pieces that celebrated individuality. Our focus has always been on you, the wearer. 'Devy' is not merely a brand name but a philosophy to us. We believe that your attire should mirror your uniqueness, the divine essence within you, because the confidence gained from feeling comfortable in your clothes and being true to yourself is invaluable. You are your own beacon of light!

A company emerged with a straightforward yet essential goal: to provide top-notch custom clothing crafted from the finest fabrics, all at a price that offers unmatched value in the market. In a world where personalization is key, your attire should be no different. At Devy, we're committed to assisting you in shaping your unique style. Devy The Label is the result of meticulous planning and flawless implementation.

Today, our brand boasts four distinct lines: Womenswear, Loungewear, Kidswear, with Menswear set to launch soon. Drawing inspiration from various corners of the world, Devy The Label crafts clothing for individuals with a keen sense of fashion. Our design approach is unconventional, responding to the ever-evolving trends. Our garments embody chic and sophisticated aesthetics, reflecting our sartorial philosophy. Impeccable tailoring and intricate detailing underscore our dedication to craftsmanship, defining the essence of our label.

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